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We're Hiring!


The Trent Queer Collective is hiring one coordinator position for the coming academic year (September 2017-April 2018). In conjunction with our current coordinators, co-coordinators are responsible for the upkeep of the Trent Queer Collective, including organizing events, running social media, managing finances, and reaching out to partner organizations and the community.

An ideal candidate should have strong leadership skills and be able to complete self-directed goals. TQC coordinators must be knowledgeable of (or willing to research) general queer history and issues currently faced by members of the queer community. Knowledge and understanding of intersectional oppression is strongly recommended.

Applicants must be current undergraduate/graduate Trent University students. This position is non-TWSP and open to both domestic and international students. The coordinator position is maximum 10 hrs/week and pays $14/hr.

Duties include:
- events organization
- social media and publicity (including making posters)
- finances
- a minimum of 3 regular office hours per week

- strong communication skills
- understanding of intersectional framework
- experience with Microsoft Suite (Office, Excel)
- graphic design experience

Previous anti-oppression training is encouraged, however all coordinators will be required to renew their training in the fall.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to our email at The deadline for applications is Monday, August 28th, 2017.

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